Club History

Loyal Greenwood Snow Angels

Greenwood-Willard-Rock Dam Riders (GWR Riders) snowmobile club was incorporated in 1970.  Shortly thereafter, GWR became a member of the AWSC (Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs).  For over 50 years, GWR has been maintaining club trails around Greenwood, Willard & Rock Dam!

Prior to that, Greenwood was part of the Loyal/Greenwood Snow Angels.

GWR currently runs a 2003 Tucker track groomer with an Arrowhead drag, which was purchased in 2016.  Our club also has a 10-foot drag, which is pulled with a New Holland tractor donated by Grassland Dairy.  This equipment has been vital to keeping our club trails in excellent condition.  A far cry from dragging an old mattress box spring around with a snowmobile to ‘groom’ the trails!

Loyal Greenwood Snow Angels

In 1996, the Avis & Stanley Suda family donated a plot of land at W8140 Main Street, Willard to GWR Riders.  This was to be the future site of the GWR Riders Club House.  A shed was erected on site in the late 1990s to store trail maintenance equipment, fencing, signage, etc.  Future renovations are being planned so that the building can also be used as the monthly meeting site.

Currently, monthly meetings are held at Behind Barrs (formerly Jake’s Bar) prior to and during the snow season.  Historically, meetings bounced from bar to bar, but old Jake’s was deemed to be a prime central location.

In the fall, GWR organizes a brushing and signing party.  Members participate in clearing the trails and placing signs.  Today, signs are simply ordered through a local sign company.  Historically, signs were a bit more rustic…plywood and orange paint!

GWR Riders have been holding an annual Chili Feed every Spring for over 25 years.  Not only is this event one of two primary fundraisers each year, but it provides the opportunity to offer our landowners a complimentary thank-you meal.


  • GWR Riders historically has been involved in local Poker Runs and Swap Meets.
  • Sundays were deemed to be ‘family day’. Member families would ride the local trails and stop along the way for a trailside fire and wienie roast.
  • Each year, club members would organize a torch light parade. Each sled would put a roll of toilet paper in a coffee can, soak it with fuel oil, and light it up. The ‘torch’ would either be affixed to the bumper of the sled, or held by the back rider for those riding 2-up.  The parade would travel from Jake’s Bar to the Greenwood Legion, for an annual celebration.
  • One time, a local rode his sled from Rock Dam to Willard. He was half way there before realizing he was only riding with one ski!  Thus, he was coined ‘Willy One-Ski’!  

GWR Riders is a very active snowmobile club, and always welcomes new members!

Come ride with us!